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Memorable Moments : Day One in Guangzhou, China

10 March was an unforgattable history for me. That was the first time I went to China and it was totally like a dream that came into reality !
And I was traveling alone, without my family !

That night, my mum sent me to convent since the bus waited us there. We started our journey to LCCT around 12 a.m and arrived there about 3 a.m. I'm so sleepy at that moment and I can't really let my eyes open. haha :) 

We check in for 5.45 flight to Shenzhen.

Around 9 a.m, we arrived in Shenzhen. The weather was so cold and I started shivering. The temperature was about 18 dgree celcius !

After custom clearance, we met our tour guides, Cindy and Tommy and yeah, they were cool. haha :D

Then, we took a bus to transfer to Guangzhou and the journey took about one hour. Before checking in a hotel, we have our lunch at one of the famous Muslim's restaurant, Abdullah Restaurant. The best part here was we enjoyed the food for free since Cindy and Tommy paid the food for us.

When we all got full, yaaa, we check in hotel to have some rest. It was a long journey to get here !

In the evening, we took a walk at Taikang Jewellery City. You can see lots and lots of women stuff here. 

After that, we went to the Night Street. The scenery was awesome ! The beauty of colourful lights can be seen everywhere here ! I was amazed ! haha..Next, we got a chance to enjoy hand-pulled noodle with beef at the nearest restaurant. The noodle is made at that time and it was deliiiiciousss !!!!!!

That's all for Day One. Eight more days to go so just wait for my next entry. :D

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