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I'm Freed

Sem One in KMB ended yesterday.
Now waiting for the final exam result. Gosh, I'm scared seriously I got the feelings that the result gonna be bad.
Targeting 40 for this sem but..................
Argh, no comment.
The exam was killing me okay. Especially Math. And Business too. And  Econs too.
Hmmm, I think all the papers gave me so much trouble !
But let's just hope and pray for the best !
Allah is always there to help you. :D

And I almost forgot to update about KMB. So juniors, please wait for the next entry.
InsyaAllah I'll write about Kolej Mara Banting soon !

Final Exam.

Assalamualaikum everyone.

Has been a long time I'm not updating this blog right ?
Sorry, I'm quite busy these few weeks with all the assignments, lab reports and stuffs.
Yeah, doing IB need a lot of commimtent so my life is getting hectic as time passes by.

I need to study now actually but still finding the mood.
So tired of doing revision all day long for this week.
So let's have a rest first !

Time flies so fast and my 1st semester has come to an end.
I actually don't know how to describe my actual feelings. Mixed feelings inside me actually.

Worried because final exam is just in a few days.
Happy because I'll go home.
Excited because I'm gonna watch Breaking Dawn Part 2 with Ina.
Scared because the most busiest sem is waiting for me, Sem 2 !
And freakin out when think about my result. Okay, I hate this part. Really hate.

So do wish me luck guys !
And yeah, pray for me too.
May Allah ease everything.

Even though many problems came up between me and him this month, I'll not let this stupid things ruined my mood to study.
Still having the spirit to succeed and score 40 points for this Sem. Nothing is impossible.
Strong girl never gives up and that's me :)
InsyaAllah Amiin <3