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My New Baby :D

Alhamdulillah, Abah gave me Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for my 19th birthday ( even though it's quite early ) !
I'm so happy. No words can describe how happy I am !
Before this he had promised to buy a new phone for me but I never thought that it will be Note 2.
BTW, mine is titanium grey !

Everything is super easy now. I suggest you to buy Note 2. Very fun to use ! 

Check out the features here ! 

What I love the most is the 5.5 HD Super Amoled screen, battery performances and the S Pen. Note 2 is the best smart phone ever created for me ! So perfect !

The normal price is RM 2199 but my father bought it just about RM1 850 coz I'm using Celcom smart plan. 



Inside the box.

Treat Others the Way They Treat You ?

Treat someone like they treat you.

If they be good to you, yeah for sure you’ll be kind to them.

But what if they treat you bad ? Do you have to treat them that way too ?

Oh, for me that’s just sounds so WRONG.

Haha. Just be nice to them insyaAllah one day they will find out that it’s such a waste to hate you. When the time comes, they’ll realize that they shouldn’t treat you that way because you always be good to them.

Hmm. If you treat someone in a bad way, you just make your relationship getting worse and the problems will get so complicated ! Chill my friends. Be patient.



Please wait for more updates soon ! Yeah, there will be a CLOSET page. To fashion lovers, let’s get gorgeous and be sizzling hot woman by sharing tips on fashion ! Assalamualaikum :D

Istanbul Aku Datang : Filem Wajib Tonton !

Assalamualaikum !
Hari ni nak cerita pasal satu cerita yang Ain baru tengok.
Kami tengok kat Astro First. Memang best sangat cerita ni !

" Bila dua jiwa sudah sebati, susah nak dileraikan " 

Kenapa best ?
Siapa yg dah tengok tu tahu lah kan.
Cerita ni sangat romantik dan sweet. Teenagers Love ( I'm of of the romantic movies fans..Haha )
So sesiapa yg memang suka tengok cerita romantik memang rugila kalau tak tengok cerita ni.

Bagi Ain, gabungan Lisa, Beto dan Tomok amat serasi. Comel.

Lain daripada keduanya, “Istanbul Aku Datang” menceritakan tentang seorang gadis bernama Dian (Lisa Surihani) yang sanggup ke Istanbul demi mengejar cintanya yang dilakonkan oleh Tomok (Azad). Kedua mereka telah menjalin hubungan lebih 5 tahun tetapi terpaksa berpisah kerana Azad melanjutkan pengajian. Namun, kedatangannya ke Istanbul hanya menyebabkan diri lebih merana apabila rahsia Azad telah terbongkar. Ouh ya, kami tidak mahu beritahu apakah rahsianya.

Disebalik kedatangannya ke Istanbul, perkenalan Dian bersama seorang pemuda bernama Harris (Beto Kusyairy) telah menyentuh hatinya. ‘Mimpi ngeri’ Dian bermula apabila dia ditipu ketika mencari rumah sewa dan tanpa diketahui, rumah yang sudah pun dibayar deposit selama 3 bulan itu sebenarnya sudah pun mempunyai seorang lagi penyewa iaitu Harris. Perkara ini menyebabkan dia terpaksa duduk serumah dengan seorang lelaki yang tidak dikenalinya. " - Oh Bulan
Yang buat Ain suka cerita ni ialah kisah dan jalan ceritanya lebih kurang sama dengan pengalaman cinta Ain. Cuma yang bezanya Ain belum jumpa true prince Ain lagi. Hahaha. 

So siapa yang tak tengok lagi tu, tengoklah. Memang best ! Tak nak cerita panjang2 nanti tak suprise. Hihi.

 Antara scene menarik :

Kolej Mara Banting : International Baccalaureate (IB)

Assalamulaikum and hello everyone.

So now I will continue writing about KMB. Today I will introduce International Baccalaureate or IB to you. I’ll try my best to provide you some useful information about IB since I just involve in IB for six months. Based on my own experience, I can conclude that many people don’t really know about this programme actually. In this second entry, I’ll try to keep my writing short and simple so it can be easily understand by everyone !

To those who still not read the 1st entry, you can click HERE.

What is International Baccalaureate ?

As I wrote earlier, IB is one of the toughest foundation programmes in the world if compared to A-Level, Ausmat, ADFP and etc. Well-rounded students are developed throughout variety learning processes that can be fun and challenging too.

From IBO website, IB Diploma Programme can be best defined as an academically challenging and balanced programme of education with final examinations that prepares students, aged 16 to 19, for success at university and life beyond. It has been designed to address the intellectual, social, emotional and physical well-being of students. The programme, has gained recognition and respect from the world’s leading universities.

Because of that, IB is very well-known and famous around the world. Usually IB takes 2 years to be completed. 

The IB Core

There are 3 core programmes in IB :


Usually you start to do the essay starting from Sem 2. Me myself still don’t know how to make this essay since I just ended my Sem 1. The extended essay asks students to engage in independent research through an in-depth study of a question relating to ONE of the subjects they are studying.  You can choose whether you want to do the essay on Malay, English, Math, Biology or whatever subjects that you prefer.

  • Usually not more than 4000 words
  • The result of approximately 40 hours of work by the student
  • Very important as it contributes marks for the final IB exam

This essay is an example of a piece of work where the student has the opportunity to show  their knowledge, understanding and enthusiasm about the topic chosen.


For me, TOK is the most mind-bending subject that I’ve ever learned! Until now, I still having difficulties to understand what TOK is since everything taught in this subject requires critical thinking. However, I find this subject really interesting ! Trust me. I can say that you learn something like philosophy here. After you learn TOK, you’ll be much critical for sure and be a deep-thinking person.  And haah, you have to do TOK essay and TOK presentation maybe in Sem 2 or Sem 3!


CAS is constructed by IB for the students to involves in range of activities and we can call it as co-curricular activities. Actually CAS aimed to boost the personal and interpersonal development in every students through experiential learning and enable journeys of self-discovery. You’ll get CAS hours for every CAS activity. You know what, I find CAS as the most awesome thing in IB ! Weehoo !

  • Creativity encourages students to engage in the arts and creative thinking.
  • Action seeks to develop a healthy lifestyle through physical activity.
  • Service with the community offers a vehicle for a new learning with academic value. 

In KMB especially for Sem 1 students, once in two weeks you’ll go outside KMB to do CAS activity. You’ll be given a group to complete this task. For my group, we go to PDK every Wednesday in Week 1 to perform CAS. Let the pictures tell you a bit about CAS.

With wawa :)

My CAS group :)

Some of the PDK members :)
Colouring activity
And yeah, cheerleading also become one of my CAS activities ! There’re lots and lots of activities included in CAS. Now I’m pretty sure that you get some rough ideas about what CAS is. Please continue enjoying the pics ! Haha.

Thor cheerleaders ( Girls )

The Curriculum

In KMB, you just have to take six main subjects that are 3 Higher Level ( HL ) subjects and 3 Standard Level ( SL )Subjects. Other than that, Pendidikan Islam and Warisan are also included in your subjects.  Like me, I’m taking Economics, Business and English for my HL subjects and Math, Malay and Biology for my SL subjects. Usually HL subjects are slightly difficult than SL.

How To Score

Full marks in IB is 45 actually. This is for the final IB exam, the most important exam in this programme. Usually the sponsors require you to get at least 35 to make you eligible to study in overseas.
Me, myself, JPA had set 33 points for the passing marks to go to United Kingdom  because I’m just taking accounting. Usually medic and engineering students have to score 35 points.

Every subjects will contribute 7 marks. CAS, TOK and EE will provide one mark each. So here is the calculation :

6 subjects x 7 = 42
TOK               = 1
EE                 = 1
CAS               = 1
Total             = 45

However, during semester exams, the total marks is just 42 because there’s no marks for CAS, EE and TOK. WARNING ! Sem 2 result is important for the university placement !

That’s all until now. Thank you for your time reading my entry. Hope it will be beneficial for you guys. Do ask me or other KMB students if you want to know more. And please visit these websites for more information :

Kolej Mara Banting : Introduction

Hello, everyone ! Chak Chak ! :D

So as I promised earlier, now I will tell you everything about KMB, insyaAllah. I know most of the SPM candidates are waiting for this superb entry (Chewaah….! ) Haha. Okay, let the story begins now !

In KMB, all of the students are taking International Baccalaureate ( IB ), one of the toughest foundation programmes in the world. Haaa, now you are freaking out, right ? Haha. If you love something new and want to challenge yourself, so yeah, just take IB. You’ll gain many wonderful experiences here  for sure. Many courses are offered here such as medicine, engineering, biotech, accounting, economics and finance. Very interesting, right ?

Most of the students here are sponsored by MARA, JPA and others. I can’t remember actually. Me,  myself is sponsored by JPA. Proudly says, I’m an accounting student and also well-known as assorted class student. Why assorted ?’s because in KMB, account, econs and finance students are in the same class. And yeah, this course has the fewest students here. Just two classes.

Location of Kolej Mara Banting
Located in Banting, near Dengkil. Bit difficult to find KMB actually because it’s located in the middle of the oil palm plantations. Make sure you use your GPS. Hahaha :P

Rules in KMB
For me, the rules here are not too strict. You can enjoy your life here as long as you are not breaking the rules !
Please click HERE !             

The Hostels
I can say the hostels almost fully-equipped. Comfy rooms, toilets, surau and TV rooms are provided for the students. There are 3 blocks for the girls ( D, E and F ). Each room is only for two persons so it’s quite comfortable. A cupboard, bed and study table are placed in each room. You’ll find out that the rooms are quite similar to those in most MRSMs.

My room :)

The hostel

The Classes
Nothing special about the classes in KMB because they are just the same as the classes in other schools. Only few classes are air-conditioned and usually they’re for the seniors. There are also LT 1 and LT 2 and you’ll know later what’s those rooms are used for.

The Library
Introducing the coldest place in KMB, our library. The library provides most conducive environment for studying. You can also use this library for printings, surfing internets and photocopying your documents.  Most of the books here can be borrowed too. Don’t worry. Besides that, you can also read the newspaper and magazines here during your leisure time. Sometimes,  the teachers will use AVA 1 and AVA 2 in the library for teaching.

The Dewan Selera
In KMB, you don’t have to worry about getting food because they are provided here for free. The best thing is you can eat four times a day ( breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper ) ! No wonder if you can gain weight easily in KMB because everything is FREE beb, FREE ! Haha. The food is quite delicious too.

Koperasi and KMB Food Court
Variety of things are sold in Koperasi, you just have to choose and buy them at a very reasonable and affordable price ! If you’re bored with the food provided at the Dewan Selera, just go to KMB Food Court. Mouth-watering food are prepared just for you such as bihun tomyam, nasi goreng paprik, roti bom, etc. Yummy !

You don’t have to perform your prayer five times a day here accept for the boys. The girls usually do the Jemaah at the hostel’s surau. On Thursday, all students are compulsory to go to the surau to attend jemaah prayer ( Maghrib and Isya’ ) and the ceramah from experienced ustaz or ustazah.

Come to KMB and meet these places too :
  • Recreation Room
  • Pavilion
Pavilion ( at the right side )

  • Cooking room
  • Concourse

  • Office
  • Fields and courts
  • Dewan Besar
Dewan Besar

  • And etc.

Okay, that’s all. Please ask me or other KMB students for more info okay. Sorry for the grammar mistakes and only few pictures provided. Haha. Please wait for the next entry about KMB. Bye !

I'm Freed

Sem One in KMB ended yesterday.
Now waiting for the final exam result. Gosh, I'm scared seriously I got the feelings that the result gonna be bad.
Targeting 40 for this sem but..................
Argh, no comment.
The exam was killing me okay. Especially Math. And Business too. And  Econs too.
Hmmm, I think all the papers gave me so much trouble !
But let's just hope and pray for the best !
Allah is always there to help you. :D

And I almost forgot to update about KMB. So juniors, please wait for the next entry.
InsyaAllah I'll write about Kolej Mara Banting soon !

Final Exam.

Assalamualaikum everyone.

Has been a long time I'm not updating this blog right ?
Sorry, I'm quite busy these few weeks with all the assignments, lab reports and stuffs.
Yeah, doing IB need a lot of commimtent so my life is getting hectic as time passes by.

I need to study now actually but still finding the mood.
So tired of doing revision all day long for this week.
So let's have a rest first !

Time flies so fast and my 1st semester has come to an end.
I actually don't know how to describe my actual feelings. Mixed feelings inside me actually.

Worried because final exam is just in a few days.
Happy because I'll go home.
Excited because I'm gonna watch Breaking Dawn Part 2 with Ina.
Scared because the most busiest sem is waiting for me, Sem 2 !
And freakin out when think about my result. Okay, I hate this part. Really hate.

So do wish me luck guys !
And yeah, pray for me too.
May Allah ease everything.

Even though many problems came up between me and him this month, I'll not let this stupid things ruined my mood to study.
Still having the spirit to succeed and score 40 points for this Sem. Nothing is impossible.
Strong girl never gives up and that's me :)
InsyaAllah Amiin <3

Who's The Next MPP ?

Done voting for today.
Really hoping that we had choose the right leaders for KMB.
The future of KMB really depends on them with the power that they'll have. 
Let's just hoping for a brighter future and Islam becomes the priority here.
Without islamic values, KMB will fail seriously.

Now, I just waiting and really hoping that good news will be announced tonight.
I just want the most decent leaders to be the next MPP so they can guide us to be a better person with islamic qualities in ourselves. 

And not to forget my classmates. At, Emylia and Haziq. Good luck to you guys. 

Wanna see their posters? So here they're !

Not-So-Late-Night Entry.

So, I call this one as the Not-So-Late-Night Entry.
Why ?
Because yeah, it's only 11.40 p.m not 1.00 a.m.
And because I'm bored.

Staying alone in my room never be a good idea because I'm easily get bored.
Now, I appreciate Farhana's existence in our room. Haha.
Because my life is getting bored and bored without her fat jokes. How I miss you now Farhana !

Biology test is on next week and I haven't started revising the topics.
Thanks God only one topic will come out in the test.
Heaven. Thanks teacher. Alhamdulillah.
Today, I just slept all day long and now I regret for being unproductive at all.
 Why're you always like this Ain ?
I don't know lahh.
I just love sleeping.
Because sleeping is very therapeutic and soothing.
And that's the main reason.

It's ok,
Tomorrow will be the most productive day I bet.
Studying Bio.
Read the small talk articles.
And other plans.
Really hope the plans will run smoothly without any disturbance.
Because there's something that I can't deal with.
I'll definitely go to sleep whenever I feel sleepy even though there are loads of unfinished homework.
Too bad I know.
So pray for me. Pray that Allah will give me the strength to stay awake. Pray that I can finish them up.
Ok bye.

Hello Hello Ipoh !

Alhamdulillah, safely arrived in Ipoh. Finally. I'm home at last after being in KMB for a month. Seriously, I miss Ipoh damn much ! 

I know you wanna ask me about my KMB Life. So far, it's AWESOME, COOL,GREAT to be in KMB ! Life here is full of fun and joy especially when you have so many friends that colour your life everyday !

I'll tell you more about KMB next time because I'm super tired right now. But wait ! I have something to show you. Introducing my lovely roommate, Farhana ! Yayy ! :D

Hello Kolej Mara Banting !


Today is the end of my super long holiday because tomorrow will be my first day in Kolej MARA Banting.
Yuuhuu, I'm extremely excited to start my studies again since I was so bored at home, doing nothing!
So my programme is :

Sponsored by : JPA 

8.00 am to 10.00 am - Breakfast
8.00am to 10.30 am - Registration
11.00 am - Briefing for parents and students
12.00 pm - Zohor prayer and lunch
2.30 pm - Briefing for sponsored students ( JPA, MARA, YAYASAN, KPM, etc )
4.30 pm - Tea time
5.00 pm - Orientation!

I really hope I will pass with flying colours in my IB. 
Target = 40/45 ( I know some of you will say IB is tough. But there's no wrong to aim high, right ? Nothing is impossible with Allah's help !)

I hope I get a chance to study overseas especially UK. Really hoping that I can reach the passing point that is 35/45.

Now, I seek knowledge for the sake of Allah. Everything I do is only for Allah.

Ya Allah, please give me the strength to face the future challenges and give your redha, rahmah and barakah to me.Amiin Ya Rabb.

Dear friends, please pray for the best to me. May Allah bless you guys. Will miss you !

Offer to Kolej Mara Banting : International Baccalaureate

Assalamualaikum, hye there :)
Many of my friends asked me, " Ain, you bukan dapat intec ke ? "

Ok, so now here's the story begins, cheewaaahh ! :P
Actually, I  applied for A-Levels UK at INTEC and already got the offer on the first of June.
However, everything had changed since last night.

At about 10 p.m, the offer letter had been issued by JPA since we are under JPA-MARA Programme.
And yes, I'm so shocked when I read the contents.

Why i'm shocked ?
1. I have to do International Baccalaureate instead of A Levels. The course is Sastera Ikhtisas which include accounting, business, finance, etc.
2. I has been transferred to Kolej Mara Banting. I am supposed to further my studies in intec.
3. I have to register on 26 June ! supposedly on 1st of July.
4. It's not a loan, but JPA scholarship. Okay, I'm very grateful for this one. hehe :)

When you ask me why I had been transferred, I don't have the answer. Please ask JPA. JPA said that it's all about ranking. But i'm not sure wheteher it's SPM ranking or interview ranking.
Here's the letter :

Hmm, I am pretty sad actually but I know this is the best for me because Allah has put me here.
For sure I will miss account very much because during IB, there's no account subject.
The subjects are Economics, Business Management, English, Malay, Mathematics and Biology. ( What ?? Bio ?? Huhh.. )
See..i have to study bio again. Argghh !

Now. I will tell you about IB :

1. There are 6 subjects as stated above. 3 subjects are taken at a HIgher Level (HL) and the other 3 are at Standard Level (SL).    For Sastera Ikhtisas :
  • Business Management ( HL )
  • Economics ( HL )
  • English ( HL )
  • Math ( SL )
  • Malay ( SL )
  • Biology ( SL )
2. Only takes two years to complete.
3. There are three components that are compulsory for IB students :
  • Extended Essay
  • . It's about 4 000 words long based on the choosen research topic.
  • Theory of Knowledge (ToK)
  • . This programme help to stimulate critical thinking both outside and in classroom.
  • Creative, Action and Service ( CAS )
  • . It's a physical movement and creativity-oriented society service. ( Alaa. macam khidmat masyarakat la )
4. The Grading :
  • 7- excellent
  • 6 -very good
  • 5 -  good
  • 4 - satisfactory
  • 3 - mediocre
  • 2 - poor
  • 1 - very poor
    maximum marks for the six subjects is 42. However the maximum marks included the three components are 45.

Okey. that's all I know. I'm still doing some research on IB. hehe :) But I think IB  is quite interesting although people said it's kinda hard. 
For more information about IB, please CLICK HERE .

Although this weird things happened to me, I'm grateful because he gave me a chance to do the IB.
Now, He puts me here so I just have to move on and give all the efforts.
Think positive. Maybe IB is not as hard as we think.
We need to think positive as it will help us to succeed in the future.
Do pray for the IB students !

Ya Allah, please help us to succeed in dunya and akhirat. Show us the right way towards Your Love. Give us Your Rahmat, Barakah and Redha in everything we do. Aamiiin Ya Rabb <3

Preparation to INTEC. Let's polish our rusty brain !

Assalamulaikum, so how's you guys doing ?
To all my friend who had started your studies, Good Luck !

Hmm, I still have less than a month left to INTEC.
And you know what ? I have to prepare for my a-levels starting from now because many people said this course is kinda hard.
Oh no, I'm freakin scared !

To get myself well-prepared, I just go through the form 5 syllabus for account and add maths.
They said the syllabus is quite the same as the upper secondary syllabus but there's also new things that we have to learn !
It's ok, at least i'm doing some preparation :)

I hope A-Levels is not as  harder as what I imagine ! Yeah, really hope I can go on with this because Allah has put me here :)
Put all the efforts and keep on praying. Success, may I meet you again. InsyaAllah <3

Ya Allah, please ease everything that I will face in the future ! Aamiiin Ya Rabb :D

Alhamdulillah, I got my PILN !

Assalamualaikum everyone . how's you guys doing ?
Hope all of you are enjoying your life today :)

No words can describe my feeling right now. Only one word, Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah because he had make my dream comes into reality.
All my hardwork paid off at last. Huhh. Alhamdulillah again. My tears of happiness keep on running down my cheeks after receiving a news that really change my life.

On the 1st June ( Friday ) the PILN result had been announced by MARA.

When I checked it for the first time on 30 May I guess, I don't get this loan and this really made me sad to the fullest. My heart cried and nobody knew how deep   my heart hurts. It's just a really bad feeling and only Allah knows how it feels !

Then, Sofea told me that our course is JPA-MARA Programme so the result will be announced on the first of June. Quickly, I opened MARA website and yes, what Opie told me was the truth. Haaah, such a waste of tears. Haha.

And............................1 June is arrived !

My heart beated so fast and adrenaline rushed into my veins as I can feel it. When I checked the result after 5.00 pm, it really disappointed me once again !


What the hell is going on ? I just asking myself why Allah don't give me this oppurtunity.
I ran upstairs with a bad, bad and bad feeeeeeliiinggggs. I gave up  and felt so down. This time, my heart was broken apart :(

Suddenly, my dad called me from downstairs. " Ain, ain dapat laa. Ape la ain ni ! "

At that moment, I just ran as fast as I could downstairs and I saw this on the computer screen :

Alhamdulillah, at last Allah heard my du'a. I'm so happy ! 
So, on the first ofJuly, I will register at INTEC for the course A-LEVEL ACCOUNT U.K.
Please pray for my success in dunya and akhirat and also pray that I succeed in my A-Level so that I can further my studies in UK.

Ya Allah, Please give your rahmat and reda, also give your blessings to me everyday. I ask for your forgiveness for my sins and make me a successful person in dunya akhirat. Amiinn Ya Rabb.

Special thanks to my family, teachers. bestfriends ( Ina and Amirul ) and friends for supporting and praying for my success. I love you allzz ! Hehe :) 

3 days more !

Korang semua pe kabar ye ?

Sekarang ni kalau online je senyap snyi facebook..bosan woo..
Ye lah, ramai dah yang masuk universiti dan matrik..
Ain masuk 2 Jun ni..
Wahhh, tak sabarnye nak masuk u..Boring la asyik online je kan ?
Rindu pulak nak buat assignment n belajar macam kat taiping dulu :)

So sekarang kena patikan semua barang ready.
Kuantiti jangan cakap la..memang BANYAK macam nak pindah rumah je..haha..
setakat ni ada tiga beg besar. Tak tahu lah berapa lagi yang nak ditambah :P

Ape-ape pun , Hello UiTM Sri Iskandar !

Mari Membersihkan Hati :)

Assalamualaikum teman-teman,
Hari ni jom kita bincang cara membersihkan hati.

Hati kita seperti besi.
Besi apabila lama-lama dibiarkan tanpa penjagaan, akan berkarat juga.
Hati pun sama, hati boleh menjadi hitam kerana dosa-dosa yang dilakukan.
Jadi, macam mana yer cara nak bersihkan hati ?

Ni la cara-caranya.......

  • Sentiasa bersyukur dengan kurniaan Allah. Ucaplah Alhamdulillah atas segala nikmat-Nya ..
  • Beribadat dengan kusyuk dan ikhlas. Dirikanlah solat lima waktudan sentiasa berdoa agar dibersihkan hati. Solat taubat juga kawan-kawan boleh buat kerana ini juga dapat membersihkan hati. 
  • Berzikir menyebut nama-nama Allah dan baca al-Quran. Ayat Al-Quran kan penggilap hati.. :)
  • Sentiasa bermaaf-maafan. Kita juga maafkanlah kesalahan orang lain...
  • Amalkan berpuasa sunat sebab puasa dapat menghindarkan kita daripada melakukan perkara kejahatan :)
  • Rajin bersedekah dan membantu orang lain. Sekurang-kurangnya kita belanja lah orang makan ke..
  • Menjaga makanan. Sentiasa makan makanan yang halal dan diyakini halal..
  • Menjaga pancaindera daripada maksiat. Jangan dengar orang mengumpat taw :)
  • Berakhlak baik dan rajin menimba ilmu tanpa henti. tak kira la ilmu dunia ke akhirat ke :D
  • Sentiasa ingat tentang mati.......

Tu lah antara amalan yang boleh diamalkan. Sama-sama kita berusaha untuk membersihkan hati. 
InsyaAllah, kita akan sentiasa mendapat hidayah Allah.


Assalamualaikum bloggers :D

Haihh, sekarang ni ain still lost lah. Tak tahu nak study kat mana.
Semuanya sebab kena tunggu result PILN 1 Jun ni.
Weyh, macam mana ni ????
Alaa, confused lah :(

Sekarang ada dua choice, MMU atau UiTM ??
Tapi result PILN tak keluar lagi. Nanti kena keluar dri MMU or UiTM kalau dapat PILN.. yang tak suka ni bila kena buat keputusan ni..

UiTM :
1. Bayaran tak mahal sangat.
2. Belajar lama sebab diploma. 5 tahun setengah. haihh. beza 6 bulan tuuuu..
3. Dekat dgn rumah. Tak best sebab kat seri iskandar je.. -_____-

1. Mahal..nanti kalau keluar rugi RM500 sebab dia tak refund balik. Banyak tu RM500.
2. Kena buat pinjaman.
3. Belajar foundation management so 5 tahun je.
4. Dekat cyberjaya. macam best lahh....

So conclusion ??? TAH LAA.....tak taw..
Ya Allah, bantulah hambaMu buat keputusan yang sebaiknya..Tunjukkanlah jalan yang harus ain pilih..Amiiinn....

***** Kawan-kawan kalau ada pendapat tolong lah ain ye. Hehe. Thanks sudi mendengar masalah ain. ******

May Allah bless you !