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Not-So-Late-Night Entry.

So, I call this one as the Not-So-Late-Night Entry.
Why ?
Because yeah, it's only 11.40 p.m not 1.00 a.m.
And because I'm bored.

Staying alone in my room never be a good idea because I'm easily get bored.
Now, I appreciate Farhana's existence in our room. Haha.
Because my life is getting bored and bored without her fat jokes. How I miss you now Farhana !

Biology test is on next week and I haven't started revising the topics.
Thanks God only one topic will come out in the test.
Heaven. Thanks teacher. Alhamdulillah.
Today, I just slept all day long and now I regret for being unproductive at all.
 Why're you always like this Ain ?
I don't know lahh.
I just love sleeping.
Because sleeping is very therapeutic and soothing.
And that's the main reason.

It's ok,
Tomorrow will be the most productive day I bet.
Studying Bio.
Read the small talk articles.
And other plans.
Really hope the plans will run smoothly without any disturbance.
Because there's something that I can't deal with.
I'll definitely go to sleep whenever I feel sleepy even though there are loads of unfinished homework.
Too bad I know.
So pray for me. Pray that Allah will give me the strength to stay awake. Pray that I can finish them up.
Ok bye.

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