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My Style Of Wearing Hijab

Assalamualaikum everyone !

Left my blogging world for more than two month and now I'm hitting the keyboard again just to share with you my way of wearing hijab.Most of the time, I prefer to wear shawls rather than those troublesome bawal ! Haha. I got so familiar with shawls since I'm in Form 1. So comfortable !

Since I started wearing hijab, as I remember when I was 12, I wore my hijab in various ways. How ? Scroll down and let the pictures feed your curiosity ! ***there will be no tutorials*** 

Pin-At-The-Back ( Not Recommended At All )

You can look there how young I am. That was the most favourite when I was in Form 1. Super duper easy, saving time. Suitable for beginners like me at that moment. Haha. You just pin the shawl at the back. Selempang style would be a nice name too. Haha. Not recommended for the pro hijabis, coz clearly it's not covering your chest. At that time, I don't know women should wear shawls which are labuh.

Mixing Two Shawls

Was wearing this style before. And guess what? my friends love it ! Although for me it's weird ! And hot too coz you're wearing twoooooo shawls at time ! :P

Simple Lilit

Woooahh..this simple lilit style was so famous during that time. I can see most people are wearing that style almost everywhere. Haha. I bet until now people still using this simple style.

Special Edition Style

This style only fit this shawl. Really love the waves there. Lookin gorgeous.

Dena Bahrin's Style

Fall in love with this style after watching Kak Dena's tutorial. Need practices. Haha. Still using this style until now.

Half-Loose Shawl with Awning

Only suitable when I'm wearing contact lenses. Haha. Pity me. :P But hey, that two-sided shawl is one of my favourite !

Half-Loose Shawl without Awning

One of the most preferred style ! it's easy as ABC and comfortable !

Full-Loose Style

I love this style like a lotttttt !!!! Haha. But it doesn't suits me now and I donno why :/

Siti Nurhaliza's Style

Inspired by Siti. Look glamorous rite ? :P This style also not consume a lot of time for you to wrap it :D


 All-time-favourite style until in KMB ! Hahahaha. Yeahh, I wear bawal to class as simple as this. Sometimes less is moreeeee :D

Dena's Bawal Style

When I first posted this photo on FB, people really show their interest on this style. Highly-recommended for the hijabis !


My two most favourite styles !

1) The first one is the style that I usually use to go to college.
2) 2nd style is special for maggi shawl only. There are other ways of wearing this hottest shawl actually.
3) Most favourite bawal style, also known as Najwa Latif's ( maybe ) haha


  1. Assalamualaikum, hi!
    Nak tanya boleh? I'm gonna be your junior KMBian, :-D
    In class kita boleh pakai semua jenis tudung ke?
    Bercorak or plain only?
    Syukran :-D

  2. atul_afina ! Hai ! Kalau kelas actually boleh pakai tudung plain je, tapi ada je yg pakai tudung corak. Awal2 ni advisable pakai tudung plain je dulu :D

  3. u looked good wearing shawl eventhough specky..huu..i ada masalah nak pakai..i think i looked weird when wearing shawl huaaa tapi teringin sangat nak pakai.