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Hah, I always want to update my blog but only now I got some time to write. 
Too many things came up these few weeks and I'm not gonna lie to you that my life had been so hectic on this Sem 3 in KMB.
What a rough, rough month !

About two months left before Sem 3 come to an end. And 7 months left before I receive a title of an 'IB Survivor'. Haha

So here I wanna share with you about my experience during this sem esp to my juniors.
Well juniors, if now you say that you are under a great pressure, hmm I bet you gonna abhor being in Sem 3, like really you gonna hate it a LOT,A LOTTTT !
You can't imagine at all that your life will be in a TOTAL MESS when you're at my place now.

Sem 3 is completely full of suprises ! 
If you're in this sem, please BEWARE if you feel that you have such a longgg leisure time.
Because there will come a day where immense amount of assignments greet you at one particular time. ALL IN ONE TIME. And the deadlines to submit them are really close to each other.
The loads of assignments are just.....TOO INSANE i tell you. 

Sem 3 is the time where you have lots of boyfriends. And you have to date them every single day or else you will no be loved by the teachers. 

List of boyfriend :
IAs ( which is countless )
ToK essay ( brain will be tortured. Real violence. :p) 
ToK presentation ( oh yeah,i had to repeat it )
Presentation ( almost every day )

So my friendly advise. DON'T YOU EVER DARE TO PROCRASTINATE or else you might have difficulties to finish all of them up since everyday the amount of assignment will increase.

You might have to experience a massive headache and pressure but if you're good at your time management then you'll be just fine.

Good luck !

I have a lot to tell you but it seems like I need to have a rest. So tired like afgajaajandhdkl.....indescribable....haha...

Although now I'm not in a happy state because of something...but yeah...I need to enjoy life and just swallow the bitterness though..May Allah grant me with patience, great patience inshaAllah ! :D

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