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Interview PILN MARA 2012 ! HOOOOOTTT!

Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah because I'm given a chance to attend mara interview on the last 12th May ( Saturday).
The interview started on 4 pm at KPTM Bangi so my family decided to go to Bangi one day earlier.

Fyi, i took the A-Level Programme for Accountancy in INTEC for two years and the next three years I will pursue my studies in United Kingdom. This is my biggest dream ever so I am hoping and praying I will succeed in the interview. Amiin.

I had done lots and lots of research about accounting, UK, life in overseas and much more but the interview does not related to any of those   subjects and surely, I am very disappointed.

Ok, so the most important day arrived at last....

About 3.00 p.m, we arrived at KPTM bangi that is located in seksyen 14, Bandar Baru Bangi. Then, like usual, we have to go for registration first before attend the interview at about 3.45 pm.

About 4.00 pm. , my group (Panel 7 ) had been called by the panels and yes, I was shivering, so NERVOUS !
The interview started with short briefing from the panels and we had to started interview by ourselves.
A card that contains the task is put on the table it sounds like this :

Eight person is in a hot air balloon heading to Putrajaya. Then, the balloon cannot sustain the weight of eight person so you have to removed four of them. Discuss which person you have to removed. ****at this point, you have to discuss with your group members about the pro's and con's about each of the person. DEBATE and BE AS ACTIVE AS YOU CAN ******

Some of the person were the Prime Minister, Gabenor Bank Negara, Dato' Dr. Haji Fadzilah Kamsah and Rozita Che Wan. There are some more but I can't remember.

I am Fadzilah Kamsah ,the motivator. However, I did not perform very well because I'm so blank and nervous ! Until now, I was so sad everytime I think about that. Futhermore, my group members were very fluent and active...Hmmmmmmmm.......

After the discussion, there are 15 minutes Q/A session.

Panels : 3 people ( all women in my session )
Discussion : About 30 minutes
Q/A  : 15 minutes


Now, I just keep praying that I will be chosen to get this loan.

 Ya Allah, please open the doors of their hearts (Panel MARA) to choose me  and my friends as one of the mara loan receivers. Please make it easier for us to get this loan and give us the 'rezeki' to further our studies in overseas..Ya Allah, please help us as you are the BEST HELPER." Amiiiiiinn :)



  1. ain, never mind,dont keep remember the past, focus on the future :) insya allah kejayaan menjadi milik anda :D

    1. thanks ina. insyaAllah ada rezeki ada lah. takde rezeki ain reda je. :)