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How to Gain Weight, wink* ;)

Tired of being too thin ? Want to gain some weight ?
Here's the solution. I love to share the tips with u bcause people always talk about how to loss their weight.
Poor to the skinnies ! haha :D We can see that people rarely talk about this problem rite? 
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So, these are the tips :

1. Eat more often. Don't you ever dare to skip your breakfast, lunch or dinner ! Consistency in eating will help you gain more weight ..

2. Eat high calories food. I know this might sound CRAZY but it works, u know ? U must increase the level of calories u take everyday.. This may be dangerous so you have to be wise in choosing the right food ..

3. Take multivitamins daily..Just go to pharmacy and buy it .. Don't be too stingy for your own good !

4. On the other hand, u must take food in a correct proportion. 50 : 35 : 15 for carbohydrate, protein and fat yaa !

5. Lastly, u have to drink  plenty of  plain water. I think more than eight glasses a day.. haha ! If your body lacks of water, you may suffer weight loss. SCARY rite ? hehe..

Hmm..sooo, for the thin people out there, try to practice this. Just easy lahhh.. :D
Believe, u will gain some weight. 
I want to tell you this. I HAD TRIED ! and it works.. hehe :D


But not like this lah, just gain some weight , hehe :D

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