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Thin and Skinny People Out There !

Yyeaaahh, at last i get the chance to write something again ! youhoo !
i just finished doing my bro's homework, so boringggg..

Hmm.. nothing to say for today..
I only wondering why people always said to me , " You are so skinny lah, Ain ! "
Yeah, i know that i'm skinny so do you have problems with that ?? haaaa ?? :D
I never feel down or loss my confidence by having this thin, skinny body .
Otherwise, I am grateful to God !

People should not think negatively about being skinny or fat.
SKINNY doesn't means that you are unhealthy, having critical disease or what so ever lahh.
Body size doesn't means anything. But happiness means everything.

Now, we should have a better understanding about the advantages of being skinny :

1. You don't have to worry about loosing your weight !
2. You can eat any food that you like. You will not get fat easily. So, no worries ok !
3. Anything you wear will look great on you ! Never feel afraid because the clothes will always loose on your body.. Not tight and sexy !
4. You can look like a model if you are a tall person , ahaa !
5. You can move faster ! 
6. You are more likely to be healthy !
7. You can fit on any chair , so you'll always feel comfortable !
8. People will ask you for some advice about loosing weight !

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Some people will say to you like this , " You'll become fat after you deliver your first child ! ''
Haha, that's funny ! You will be fat if you not control your eating habits and taking high calories food .
For me, the people who says that are jealous. (LOL) hahaha !

OK, all the skinny girls out there, don't be sad :)
Live your life happily. Always be grateful and never feel too proud about your body size.
Just be grateful. ALHAMDULILLAH :D

** Sorry for the broken english !

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