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Please Don't Celebrate Valentine's, Muslims !

Tomorrow is 14 feb, Valentine's day. Mostly, couples celebrate valentine's to show their love to the most love one. As we all know, couples especially teenagers are waiting for this 'special' day. This phenomenon is also happened in Malaysia, included among the Muslims.

People nowadays often underestimated the religious law. They are tend to do the wrong things rather than trying to improve themselves towards a better life.

During this day, couples may do 'pelik-pelik' things. You know lahh kan ? Kissing, holding hands and the most worried part, having sex. 'Maksiat happens everywhere, so there are more and more baby dumping !

So, wake up teenagers ! Don't make things even worst by celebrating this day. Please.......
Don't make ourselves further and further away from Allah bcause we already sinful to Allah.

Allahu Akbar !

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