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Alhamdulillah, I got my PILN !

Assalamualaikum everyone . how's you guys doing ?
Hope all of you are enjoying your life today :)

No words can describe my feeling right now. Only one word, Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah because he had make my dream comes into reality.
All my hardwork paid off at last. Huhh. Alhamdulillah again. My tears of happiness keep on running down my cheeks after receiving a news that really change my life.

On the 1st June ( Friday ) the PILN result had been announced by MARA.

When I checked it for the first time on 30 May I guess, I don't get this loan and this really made me sad to the fullest. My heart cried and nobody knew how deep   my heart hurts. It's just a really bad feeling and only Allah knows how it feels !

Then, Sofea told me that our course is JPA-MARA Programme so the result will be announced on the first of June. Quickly, I opened MARA website and yes, what Opie told me was the truth. Haaah, such a waste of tears. Haha.

And............................1 June is arrived !

My heart beated so fast and adrenaline rushed into my veins as I can feel it. When I checked the result after 5.00 pm, it really disappointed me once again !


What the hell is going on ? I just asking myself why Allah don't give me this oppurtunity.
I ran upstairs with a bad, bad and bad feeeeeeliiinggggs. I gave up  and felt so down. This time, my heart was broken apart :(

Suddenly, my dad called me from downstairs. " Ain, ain dapat laa. Ape la ain ni ! "

At that moment, I just ran as fast as I could downstairs and I saw this on the computer screen :

Alhamdulillah, at last Allah heard my du'a. I'm so happy ! 
So, on the first ofJuly, I will register at INTEC for the course A-LEVEL ACCOUNT U.K.
Please pray for my success in dunya and akhirat and also pray that I succeed in my A-Level so that I can further my studies in UK.

Ya Allah, Please give your rahmat and reda, also give your blessings to me everyday. I ask for your forgiveness for my sins and make me a successful person in dunya akhirat. Amiinn Ya Rabb.

Special thanks to my family, teachers. bestfriends ( Ina and Amirul ) and friends for supporting and praying for my success. I love you allzz ! Hehe :) 

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  1. alhamdulillah ain :) insya allah semuanya menjadi kenyataan aminn..