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Preparation to INTEC. Let's polish our rusty brain !

Assalamulaikum, so how's you guys doing ?
To all my friend who had started your studies, Good Luck !

Hmm, I still have less than a month left to INTEC.
And you know what ? I have to prepare for my a-levels starting from now because many people said this course is kinda hard.
Oh no, I'm freakin scared !

To get myself well-prepared, I just go through the form 5 syllabus for account and add maths.
They said the syllabus is quite the same as the upper secondary syllabus but there's also new things that we have to learn !
It's ok, at least i'm doing some preparation :)

I hope A-Levels is not as  harder as what I imagine ! Yeah, really hope I can go on with this because Allah has put me here :)
Put all the efforts and keep on praying. Success, may I meet you again. InsyaAllah <3

Ya Allah, please ease everything that I will face in the future ! Aamiiin Ya Rabb :D

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