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Hello Kolej Mara Banting !


Today is the end of my super long holiday because tomorrow will be my first day in Kolej MARA Banting.
Yuuhuu, I'm extremely excited to start my studies again since I was so bored at home, doing nothing!
So my programme is :

Sponsored by : JPA 

8.00 am to 10.00 am - Breakfast
8.00am to 10.30 am - Registration
11.00 am - Briefing for parents and students
12.00 pm - Zohor prayer and lunch
2.30 pm - Briefing for sponsored students ( JPA, MARA, YAYASAN, KPM, etc )
4.30 pm - Tea time
5.00 pm - Orientation!

I really hope I will pass with flying colours in my IB. 
Target = 40/45 ( I know some of you will say IB is tough. But there's no wrong to aim high, right ? Nothing is impossible with Allah's help !)

I hope I get a chance to study overseas especially UK. Really hoping that I can reach the passing point that is 35/45.

Now, I seek knowledge for the sake of Allah. Everything I do is only for Allah.

Ya Allah, please give me the strength to face the future challenges and give your redha, rahmah and barakah to me.Amiin Ya Rabb.

Dear friends, please pray for the best to me. May Allah bless you guys. Will miss you !

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