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Offer to Kolej Mara Banting : International Baccalaureate

Assalamualaikum, hye there :)
Many of my friends asked me, " Ain, you bukan dapat intec ke ? "

Ok, so now here's the story begins, cheewaaahh ! :P
Actually, I  applied for A-Levels UK at INTEC and already got the offer on the first of June.
However, everything had changed since last night.

At about 10 p.m, the offer letter had been issued by JPA since we are under JPA-MARA Programme.
And yes, I'm so shocked when I read the contents.

Why i'm shocked ?
1. I have to do International Baccalaureate instead of A Levels. The course is Sastera Ikhtisas which include accounting, business, finance, etc.
2. I has been transferred to Kolej Mara Banting. I am supposed to further my studies in intec.
3. I have to register on 26 June ! supposedly on 1st of July.
4. It's not a loan, but JPA scholarship. Okay, I'm very grateful for this one. hehe :)

When you ask me why I had been transferred, I don't have the answer. Please ask JPA. JPA said that it's all about ranking. But i'm not sure wheteher it's SPM ranking or interview ranking.
Here's the letter :

Hmm, I am pretty sad actually but I know this is the best for me because Allah has put me here.
For sure I will miss account very much because during IB, there's no account subject.
The subjects are Economics, Business Management, English, Malay, Mathematics and Biology. ( What ?? Bio ?? Huhh.. )
See..i have to study bio again. Argghh !

Now. I will tell you about IB :

1. There are 6 subjects as stated above. 3 subjects are taken at a HIgher Level (HL) and the other 3 are at Standard Level (SL).    For Sastera Ikhtisas :
  • Business Management ( HL )
  • Economics ( HL )
  • English ( HL )
  • Math ( SL )
  • Malay ( SL )
  • Biology ( SL )
2. Only takes two years to complete.
3. There are three components that are compulsory for IB students :
  • Extended Essay
  • . It's about 4 000 words long based on the choosen research topic.
  • Theory of Knowledge (ToK)
  • . This programme help to stimulate critical thinking both outside and in classroom.
  • Creative, Action and Service ( CAS )
  • . It's a physical movement and creativity-oriented society service. ( Alaa. macam khidmat masyarakat la )
4. The Grading :
  • 7- excellent
  • 6 -very good
  • 5 -  good
  • 4 - satisfactory
  • 3 - mediocre
  • 2 - poor
  • 1 - very poor
    maximum marks for the six subjects is 42. However the maximum marks included the three components are 45.

Okey. that's all I know. I'm still doing some research on IB. hehe :) But I think IB  is quite interesting although people said it's kinda hard. 
For more information about IB, please CLICK HERE .

Although this weird things happened to me, I'm grateful because he gave me a chance to do the IB.
Now, He puts me here so I just have to move on and give all the efforts.
Think positive. Maybe IB is not as hard as we think.
We need to think positive as it will help us to succeed in the future.
Do pray for the IB students !

Ya Allah, please help us to succeed in dunya and akhirat. Show us the right way towards Your Love. Give us Your Rahmat, Barakah and Redha in everything we do. Aamiiin Ya Rabb <3


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