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Kolej Mara Banting : International Baccalaureate (IB)

Assalamulaikum and hello everyone.

So now I will continue writing about KMB. Today I will introduce International Baccalaureate or IB to you. I’ll try my best to provide you some useful information about IB since I just involve in IB for six months. Based on my own experience, I can conclude that many people don’t really know about this programme actually. In this second entry, I’ll try to keep my writing short and simple so it can be easily understand by everyone !

To those who still not read the 1st entry, you can click HERE.

What is International Baccalaureate ?

As I wrote earlier, IB is one of the toughest foundation programmes in the world if compared to A-Level, Ausmat, ADFP and etc. Well-rounded students are developed throughout variety learning processes that can be fun and challenging too.

From IBO website, IB Diploma Programme can be best defined as an academically challenging and balanced programme of education with final examinations that prepares students, aged 16 to 19, for success at university and life beyond. It has been designed to address the intellectual, social, emotional and physical well-being of students. The programme, has gained recognition and respect from the world’s leading universities.

Because of that, IB is very well-known and famous around the world. Usually IB takes 2 years to be completed. 

The IB Core

There are 3 core programmes in IB :


Usually you start to do the essay starting from Sem 2. Me myself still don’t know how to make this essay since I just ended my Sem 1. The extended essay asks students to engage in independent research through an in-depth study of a question relating to ONE of the subjects they are studying.  You can choose whether you want to do the essay on Malay, English, Math, Biology or whatever subjects that you prefer.

  • Usually not more than 4000 words
  • The result of approximately 40 hours of work by the student
  • Very important as it contributes marks for the final IB exam

This essay is an example of a piece of work where the student has the opportunity to show  their knowledge, understanding and enthusiasm about the topic chosen.


For me, TOK is the most mind-bending subject that I’ve ever learned! Until now, I still having difficulties to understand what TOK is since everything taught in this subject requires critical thinking. However, I find this subject really interesting ! Trust me. I can say that you learn something like philosophy here. After you learn TOK, you’ll be much critical for sure and be a deep-thinking person.  And haah, you have to do TOK essay and TOK presentation maybe in Sem 2 or Sem 3!


CAS is constructed by IB for the students to involves in range of activities and we can call it as co-curricular activities. Actually CAS aimed to boost the personal and interpersonal development in every students through experiential learning and enable journeys of self-discovery. You’ll get CAS hours for every CAS activity. You know what, I find CAS as the most awesome thing in IB ! Weehoo !

  • Creativity encourages students to engage in the arts and creative thinking.
  • Action seeks to develop a healthy lifestyle through physical activity.
  • Service with the community offers a vehicle for a new learning with academic value. 

In KMB especially for Sem 1 students, once in two weeks you’ll go outside KMB to do CAS activity. You’ll be given a group to complete this task. For my group, we go to PDK every Wednesday in Week 1 to perform CAS. Let the pictures tell you a bit about CAS.

With wawa :)

My CAS group :)

Some of the PDK members :)
Colouring activity
And yeah, cheerleading also become one of my CAS activities ! There’re lots and lots of activities included in CAS. Now I’m pretty sure that you get some rough ideas about what CAS is. Please continue enjoying the pics ! Haha.

Thor cheerleaders ( Girls )

The Curriculum

In KMB, you just have to take six main subjects that are 3 Higher Level ( HL ) subjects and 3 Standard Level ( SL )Subjects. Other than that, Pendidikan Islam and Warisan are also included in your subjects.  Like me, I’m taking Economics, Business and English for my HL subjects and Math, Malay and Biology for my SL subjects. Usually HL subjects are slightly difficult than SL.

How To Score

Full marks in IB is 45 actually. This is for the final IB exam, the most important exam in this programme. Usually the sponsors require you to get at least 35 to make you eligible to study in overseas.
Me, myself, JPA had set 33 points for the passing marks to go to United Kingdom  because I’m just taking accounting. Usually medic and engineering students have to score 35 points.

Every subjects will contribute 7 marks. CAS, TOK and EE will provide one mark each. So here is the calculation :

6 subjects x 7 = 42
TOK               = 1
EE                 = 1
CAS               = 1
Total             = 45

However, during semester exams, the total marks is just 42 because there’s no marks for CAS, EE and TOK. WARNING ! Sem 2 result is important for the university placement !

That’s all until now. Thank you for your time reading my entry. Hope it will be beneficial for you guys. Do ask me or other KMB students if you want to know more. And please visit these websites for more information :


  1. Very good info my dear, hope my eldest can join KMB next year as she is going to sit for SPM this year.. When does she need to apply? Use trial SPM result first or wait for the real SPM result? And when to apply for scholarship or etc? Auntie is a bit confuse with nowadays requirements.... Tq and good luck in your studies...

    1. Usually just wait after the real SPM result is announced. Scholars will inform the date to apply the scholarship :)

  2. Kak Ain, how do you apply for this IB program?

  3. ok. alhamdulullillah.. the JPA scholarship details has been released today. So, I've got the chance to take the IB in KMB!! haha. to be frank. thts really freak me out while looking at the offer letter. haha XD coz I thought tht I might be taken a-levels in INTEC. but, I believe tht Allah is the best planner after all. So, do pray for my success ang glad to see lots of KMB seniors wrote bout their experienced in KMB. ^^ thts really a big help to a freshie like me. last but not least, a big thank to k.ain too. :)