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Kolej Mara Banting : Introduction

Hello, everyone ! Chak Chak ! :D

So as I promised earlier, now I will tell you everything about KMB, insyaAllah. I know most of the SPM candidates are waiting for this superb entry (Chewaah….! ) Haha. Okay, let the story begins now !

In KMB, all of the students are taking International Baccalaureate ( IB ), one of the toughest foundation programmes in the world. Haaa, now you are freaking out, right ? Haha. If you love something new and want to challenge yourself, so yeah, just take IB. You’ll gain many wonderful experiences here  for sure. Many courses are offered here such as medicine, engineering, biotech, accounting, economics and finance. Very interesting, right ?

Most of the students here are sponsored by MARA, JPA and others. I can’t remember actually. Me,  myself is sponsored by JPA. Proudly says, I’m an accounting student and also well-known as assorted class student. Why assorted ?’s because in KMB, account, econs and finance students are in the same class. And yeah, this course has the fewest students here. Just two classes.

Location of Kolej Mara Banting
Located in Banting, near Dengkil. Bit difficult to find KMB actually because it’s located in the middle of the oil palm plantations. Make sure you use your GPS. Hahaha :P

Rules in KMB
For me, the rules here are not too strict. You can enjoy your life here as long as you are not breaking the rules !
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The Hostels
I can say the hostels almost fully-equipped. Comfy rooms, toilets, surau and TV rooms are provided for the students. There are 3 blocks for the girls ( D, E and F ). Each room is only for two persons so it’s quite comfortable. A cupboard, bed and study table are placed in each room. You’ll find out that the rooms are quite similar to those in most MRSMs.

My room :)

The hostel

The Classes
Nothing special about the classes in KMB because they are just the same as the classes in other schools. Only few classes are air-conditioned and usually they’re for the seniors. There are also LT 1 and LT 2 and you’ll know later what’s those rooms are used for.

The Library
Introducing the coldest place in KMB, our library. The library provides most conducive environment for studying. You can also use this library for printings, surfing internets and photocopying your documents.  Most of the books here can be borrowed too. Don’t worry. Besides that, you can also read the newspaper and magazines here during your leisure time. Sometimes,  the teachers will use AVA 1 and AVA 2 in the library for teaching.

The Dewan Selera
In KMB, you don’t have to worry about getting food because they are provided here for free. The best thing is you can eat four times a day ( breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper ) ! No wonder if you can gain weight easily in KMB because everything is FREE beb, FREE ! Haha. The food is quite delicious too.

Koperasi and KMB Food Court
Variety of things are sold in Koperasi, you just have to choose and buy them at a very reasonable and affordable price ! If you’re bored with the food provided at the Dewan Selera, just go to KMB Food Court. Mouth-watering food are prepared just for you such as bihun tomyam, nasi goreng paprik, roti bom, etc. Yummy !

You don’t have to perform your prayer five times a day here accept for the boys. The girls usually do the Jemaah at the hostel’s surau. On Thursday, all students are compulsory to go to the surau to attend jemaah prayer ( Maghrib and Isya’ ) and the ceramah from experienced ustaz or ustazah.

Come to KMB and meet these places too :
  • Recreation Room
  • Pavilion
Pavilion ( at the right side )

  • Cooking room
  • Concourse

  • Office
  • Fields and courts
  • Dewan Besar
Dewan Besar

  • And etc.

Okay, that’s all. Please ask me or other KMB students for more info okay. Sorry for the grammar mistakes and only few pictures provided. Haha. Please wait for the next entry about KMB. Bye !

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